My Volkswagen Golf 1.5-litre has had issues from the start. Are Volkswagen doing another update?

I bought a 2017 Volkswagen Golf 1.5 TSI Evo in 2017 and have had the same misfiring issues many other people have reported. I took it to the dealership, who admitted that there was an issue but that it 'just needed a software update'. When that update finally came around 18 months later (approx. Oct 2019), the issue was even worse and occasionally the car goes into limp mode. An independent garage looked at this and it was shown to be misfiring on cylinder 4 and this caused the fuel system to be disabled. In December 2019, I was told by the dealership service team that there will be no further updates available for this car and that it was a 'rare' fault, so I said I wanted to reject my car as it is clearly not fit for purpose if they can't fix the issue. As a 'goodwill gesture', they have offered to buy back my car at current retail value (£14,700). I'm not happy with this as I complained such a long time ago and have held on given their word that it would be fixable. I'm currently in the process of complaining to the ombudsman. The dealership has given me minimal contact over the last 9 months and has seemed intent on ignoring most of my calls and emails. Despite telling me that there will be no further software updates for this engine, the last email from the dealership claimed they were still in discussions with VW regarding an update. Despite all the evidence to suggest many people have had issues with this car, they are reluctant to admit there is an issue with this engine.VW head office has asked me to take my car to another dealership chain for a second opinion. Given the widespread issues with this car, this is surely pointless, but I have agreed to play along. In short - is this still an ongoing issue as far as VW are concerned? Or were the service team correct in telling me that there will be no more updates for this engine?

Asked on 1 October 2020 by Louisa H

Answered by Georgia Petrie
Hi Louisa, this sounds like a very frustrating situation. We're actively looking into this issue, so we find feedback like this very helpful. In regards to what we know, Volkswagen has told us they consider the situation resolved so we aren't expecting another update. The full Volkswagen statement from July 2020 was: "As far as we are aware the software update has been a success and no further measures are planned. However in isolated cases it is possible some vehicles may have another mechanical fault unrelated to the software update."
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