What can I do if a dealer refuses my request for a full refund?

I bought a 2019 Nissan X-Trail in Feb 2020. The engine management light comes on at random. Two Nissan dealers did work on it but can't find the fault. I asked the selling garage for a full refund but it was refused. What can I do?

Asked on 26 October 2020 by Kathleen T

Answered by Georgia Petrie
Rejecting a car for a full refund should be a last resort, and you've moved out of the right to reject period - which is six months from the date you bought the vehicle. Rejecting a car is a time-consuming, stressful, expensive process - and the dealer is unlikely to want to do this so stay civil with them if you can. We would suggest chatting some more with the dealer about what the problem is and how it can be fixed, as well as discussing some form of goodwill gesture to make up for the hassle. If you've already done this and they're unwilling to give you your money back or figure out what's wrong with the car, then move onto the next steps. You've already attempted to get it fixed, but I would let them try again. If they won't, or they do and still can't fix it, it'll make a stronger case in the long run if you do go via a legal route to get your money back. Secondly, if you'd be happy with a different car, consider asking for a replacement model. It'll save the dealer money and it'll save you time looking for a new model.

Onto the rejection, if the dealer refuses to accept your rejection of the car, contact the manufacturer's customer services department for further support. It's worth sending a copy of your original rejection letter to the manufacturer's head office, too. If you’re still getting nowhere, then consider contacting the Motor Ombudsman or the Financial Ombudsman. You could also contact Trading Standards if you feel that the dealer has breached the Consumer Rights Act. An engineer’s inspection can also be useful, but you'd have to pay for that yourself. The final route should be court because it's very costly and there's no guarantee you will win even with a solicitor. But if all else fails, that's the option you're left with.
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