I own a diesel car. Should I sell it or keep it?

I currently own a 2013 BMW 520d Touring (but have £8k left on credit). It has 87,000 on the clock. Would you advise I sell my BMW now, considering the market is turning against diesels, and move back to petrol? Or should I continue to run (and enjoy it) for the foreseeable future? Thanks in advance.

Asked on 28 September 2020 by James Unler

Answered by Andrew Brady
It depends on your requirements in a car, really. Diesels suit high-mileage motorway miles and can become problematic when they're used for regular short journeys. If you mainly use the BMW for travelling up and down the motorway for extended periods, keep hold of it. Otherwise, it might be a good idea to trade it in for something more suitable. A hybrid might be a good alternative if an electric vehicle doesn't suit your needs.
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