What should I do before I garage my car for a few weeks?

My son wishes to store Land Rover Freelander for several weeks in a barn. The local garage has told him to disconnect his fully charged battery but I have advised against this as this procedure could upset the electronics. If you agree, what trickle charger would you recommend for the 2010 model? I presume it is advisable to try to move the vehicle a bit every 3 to 4 weeks and aim to slightly over-inflate the tyres, too. Many thanks.

Asked on 16 September 2020 by david garfield davies

Answered by Keith Moody
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We'd definitely recommend a trickle charger. Personally, I use the CTEK MXS 5.0 and it's very good - but there are lots of different ones available. If you can move the vehicle once a month, it will do it the world of good. Ideally, if you can take it up the road for a good 30-40 min run. It's a heavy car and you probably can't push it so to stop the wheels going square you could over-inflate the tyres a bit if moving is not an option.
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