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The DVLA has had my V5C for two months. How do I get it back?

I bought a used car on 8 June. As required, the selling dealer sent off the old V5C to the DVLA (I've double-checked with him and he assures me this was done) and he gave me the new keeper slip. Two months later the new V5C still hasn't arrived with me. I have checked the car's details on the DVLA website and it still shows the date of the last V5C issue was over a year ago - i.e. the previous ownership. The DVLA website tells me to phone them if the V5C hasn't arrived, but their phone number is constantly engaged (I suspect it's been taken off the hook). Am I at risk of some legal infringement because I have no V5C? What can I do to get the DVLA to send me this document?

Asked on 10 August 2020 by David Penrose

Answered by Georgia Petrie
DVLA has been dealing with a backlog since April time due to coronavirus (they couldn't handle paper applications for a while). They're running again but things are moving along slowly according to the reports we get from readers. You can't get DVLA to do anything really, it'll just arrive when it arrives unfortunately, but I would send an email just so you have proof that you've been chasing the application.
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