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I recently received a Notice of Intended Prosecution for doing 37mph in a 30mph limit. I was given the opportunity to attend a Speed Awareness Course in Salisbury, which I accepted and duly paid the £60 fee. On the day of the course I arrived late, through my own fault, and was refused admission. I accepted this and was aware I would have to have 3 points endorsed on my licence. I am also facing a £60 fine in addition to the £60 I paid for the course. I'm sure that if I complain I will be told that the £60 I have already paid covers the cost of the course but I find it hard to believe that it costs the same as the fixed penalty. Do I have any rights in this situation?

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No, because you booked a place on the course and arrived late. You still have to pay for the wasted booking that could have accommodated someone else. The courses aren’t all the same price. Some are £90.
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