I want a Mitsubishi Outlander. Is this wise considering Mitsubishi's recent news?

I'm considering purchasing a plug-in Mitsubishi Outlander in the next few months. It's my first venture into electric vehicles, however, I've seen that Mitsubishi have announced they will not be selling new cars in the UK market. I';m concerned this will inevitably lead to less and less support for the current models and am now wondering whether I should look elsewhere. What's your opinion?

Asked on 31 July 2020 by Pete Taylor

Answered by Andrew Brady
The brand isn't withdrawing from the UK entirely. As we understand it, it will continue to sell its existing range of vehicles for the foreseeable future and then, after that, provide aftersales support. The cars will still be sold elsewhere so parts should be relatively easy to source. It's a bit different to a brand like Saab or MG Rover, for example - both of which existed one day and were gone the next.
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