Should I get a catalytic converter lock?

Should I get a catalytic converter lock from Lexus for £300. I have a 2016 Lexus CT but wasn't sure if this model was affected or whether it is worth the cost. Please advise me.

Asked on 28 July 2020 by Soori

Answered by Georgia Petrie
It's your decision to make, but I will say that hybrids are more susceptible to cat converter theft than petrol or diesel cars. My thoughts would be, if you can afford it then £300 isn't an eye-watering price to pay for peace of mind. However, there are other preventative steps you can take if you're concerned. You can see our advice here:

I would research online, too. There's a lot of chat about cat converter theft in forums - and there will certainly be ones that are Lexus-specific. I'd browse some of those to see what other owners are doing.
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