Can you recommend an economical 4x4 for £3000?

The wife and I have decided to consolidate our cars. We have a sporty car for the summer but we now want a car that can be used for long journeys and can do some off-roading and hopefully we can camp in it. I can be flexible on the gearbox, and I would also go LPG but this may make camping in the back problematic due to the LPG tank. I have been looking at - Audi All Roads but the MPG is not great. Also looking at Nissan X-Trail and Qashqai - but the space in the back is poor. Our budget is £3000.

Asked on 15 July 2020 by Reggie

Answered by Andrew Brady
Any 4x4 of this price will be pretty old so you'll have to be prepared for high maintenance costs and potentially big fuel bills, too. A Mitsubishi Shogun could be a good choice. They're pretty tough, good off road and very practical. There are some rough ones about, though. Alternatively, how about a Honda CR-V? Not as practical as the Shogun nor as good off road, but they're pretty reliable and you'll get a newer one for the money.
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