I want an off-roader. Can you suggest somewhere to find a good deal?

We need a reliable, capable off-roader for farm and forestry work, and have decided on a new Toyota Land Cruiser Utility SWB 3-door 'van'. The best quote I can get from a Toyota dealer, including VAT, is £31,000. Are there any other purchase options in the UK you could suggest where I could get a better deal? Thank you.

Asked on 21 October 2020 by Erik Hamburger

Answered by Dan Powell
The Land Cruiser Commercial was launched in 2018 and is quite a niche vehicle, which means it sells in low-numbers. As a result, discounts are few and far between. It may be possible to find one or two at a commercial vehicle auction, but I don't think dealers will be looking to discount their stock due to the fact demand outstrips supply.
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