I bought a van with a clearly fake MoT cert. Do I have any comeback?

I purchased a 15 year old Ford Transit 12 months ago, which I aimed to convert into a camper van. The dealer produced a full MoT. The vehicle has been stationary whilst doing a refit. When it was time for a new MoT there were 22 faults, some dangerous, amounting to thousands of pounds to repair and make safe for driving, They amounted to more than the cost of the vehicle. One example of fibre glass being used in place of welding! My garage informed me that there was no way that the previous MOT was valid. As there has been a year gone by, is there any reclaim or official action that can be taken with the dealer or MOT testing station?

Asked on 10 July 2020 by Unhappy

Answered by Dan Powell
The dealer can be held liable for any faults that develop within the first six months, because they are deemed to be present or developing at the time of sale. After this time frame it becomes harder, as it's down to you to prove the faults were already present when you bought the van. However, if the garage is willing to give you a report that states this is the case then you may have a case. But it may involve a trip to the small claims court.
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