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After about 18 years in BMWs (mostly 3 Series) I am interested in a new Discovery 3. My kids are getting bigger, we want to get out camping more and I could do with the 4-wheel drive in bad weather due to where we live (not awful but the rear wheel drive 3s just won't make it up the incline in snow which we get more often than the majority). I am thinking of an automatic but have reservations due to the stories I have heard and read not only about the Disco build quality, but the problems with the auto gearbox. Have these issues been sorted out yet?

Asked on 31 January 2009 by

Answered by Honest John
In November I watched an 06/55 ex Highways Agency Disco 3 2.7TDV6 auto with 185k miles sell for £7,950 at auction. That’s 185k in 2.5 years. It would not have had time to do that if it kept breaking down, would it?

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