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Speed bumps will only cause damage if gone over too fast - or rather not gone over slowly enough (which may be ridiculously slowly, of course, but damage can be avoided). They are a necessary evil in some locations, though there are probably too many. There was a company I came across who were trying to make speed bumps that went flat if you are travelling at the correct speed. However, it proved technically difficult to make them robust enough, and they were having problems. I do suspect that your e-mailer may have been trying to get something in writing from you to cover him to some degree for causing an accident through losing concentration.

Asked on 3 January 2009 by

Answered by Honest John
If the police were to ever identify tyres worn through to the canvas in
the inner shoulders as causes of crashes, then the reason for that is
inevitably chamfered edge speed cushions, and it does not matter how quickly or slowly you drive while straddling them, they will always
gradually destroy the inner shoulders of the tyres. The government’s own TRRL tests (though inadequate) proved that humps cause damage even to the steering and suspension of London Taxis, but these findings were suppressed. However, they are available if you are prepared to stump up £30.
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