DVLA hasn't got back to me about my log book and I'm a key worker. What now?

I sent the V5 slip to the DVLA as soon as I won my car at a local auction, but it has now been over six weeks and nothing has arrived. I have tried ringing and emailing repeatedly to no avail. I appreciate the pandemic, but I have no proof of ownership of my car and no way to MoT (I know about the extension). I need my car as I'm a key worker but don't feel safe driving without paperwork.

Asked on 20 May 2020 by Christina

Answered by Georgia Petrie
I assume you've tried using these contact options for the DVLA, but continue to try getting through to them: live.email-dvla.service.gov.uk/w2c/en_gb/forms/Cri...6

They should speak to you as you're a critical worker, but we're getting a lot of similar reports from people unable tor renew licences, get V5Cs etc. Unfortunately, they declined to give us a comment when we spoke to them about these delays so it's a case of continuing to put pressure on them to get your paperwork.
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