Expensive and unnecessary service coming up, should I refuse the work and forfeit the warranty?

I've booked a service of my 2017 Mercedes-Benz E43 AMG in to a franchise dealer. They say the 'A' service will cost £850 because the plugs must be changed after three years and 11,000 miles, along with the air filter. My Mercedes specialist repairer states he will inspect plugs and air filter and only replace as necessary. The Mercedes dealer say that they have to be changed in order to keep roadside assistance and warranty because it's in accordance to the Mercedes-Benz service schedule and intervals. Your thoughts, please?

Asked on 13 May 2020 by Fritz

Answered by Dan Powell
I think not getting the servicing done is a false economy in the long run. Yes, you'll save a few hundred quid, but you will forfeit many of the rights you have against the dealer and Mercedes-Benz if a serious problem develops with the car by not getting it serviced accordingly. The E43 is a complicated bit of kit. I wouldn't advise cutting any corners on the maintenance.
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