Unprotection racket

Today I received my car insurance renewal and was asked for a 25% increase in premium. This in spite of having nine years 'protected' no-claims discount. I have been driving since 1963 and have never had a motoring conviction or even a parking fine. What is the point of a no-claims discount (protected or otherwise) when blameless motorists are ripped off in this way? I am sure that the insurance companies' excuse will be the cost to them of the drivers that do not bother to insure their car. When are the authorities and police going to get to grips with this problem and use their resources to really punish the uninsured, rather than (as usual) the law-abiding majority having to pay the cost?

Asked on 14 August 2010 by TL, Derby

Answered by Honest John
I agree. The term ‘Protected No Claims Discount’ is misleading when a base premium can be increased if the policyholder has been involved in any claim, fault or no fault. Apart from uninsured drivers (now diminishing due to increased ANPR), a major cost to insurers is the legalised scam of 'credit hire' whereby an intermediary (sometimes illegally) finds out about a crash and offers to 'manage' it for the damaged party. This 'management' consists of putting them in a very expensive hire car, then (sometimes) delaying the repair so they are in the hire car for as long as possible. I have reports of hire car bills of £29,000 and £40,000 being racked up in this manner. But complex legal judgements in the Appeal Court prevent insurers from outlawing this legalised scam.
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