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What is the AGM setting on my battery charger?

My 2011 Volkswagen Golf has been garaged since the middle of March. I bought a CTEK battery charger and connected it. There is a setting called AGM. What is that, please? Also, do you recommend running the engine periodically or waiting until lockdown is over to give the car a good run?

Asked on 6 May 2020 by BAGLANBOYBRIAN

Answered by Andrew Brady
If your car has a stop-start feature (i.e. the engine stops automatically when you come to a halt), it'll probably have an AGM battery and you'll have to use the AGM setting. This shouldn't be necessary on a 2011 Volkswagen Golf.

If you can, running the engine for 20 minutes to half an hour every week or so would be better than leaving it for a long period.
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