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I'm a motorcyclist who likes to make eye contact with drivers waiting at junctions to ensure that I've been seen. However, lots of front side windows are (illegally) heavily tinted. You recently described the enforcement of the law requiring removal of excessive tinting as "ridiculous". Do you have any suggestions as to how I can be sure that the drivers of these cars know I'm there?

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As in Thailand, where most windows are mirror tinted to keep out the sun and where, for a population of 65 million there are more than 40 million motorbikes. The death rate is about 10,000 a year v/s 400 a year in the UK. But the rate per motorbike is far less than it is in the UK (1 in 4,000 v/s 1 in 1,000), mainly because car horns are used and accepted as warnings to motorcyclists rather than as rebukes.
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