Can a trader sell a car as 'spares or repairs' to avoid liability if something goes wrong?

I'm interested in a car I have seen advertised in a classified ad on eBay by a trader. They advise that the vehicle is a "Part exchange to clear and, like all our part exchange to clear, vehicle is being sold as spares or repairs to imply no warranty". Can they legally absolve themselves from all liability by advertising the car in this manner?

Asked on 16 April 2020 by Stephen clarke

Answered by Dan Powell
This reads like the dealer is trying to dodge their legal responsibilities under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. Can they do this? Not really. But that doesn't stop dishonest dealers from cheating money out of car buyers. Unless you are genuinely in the market for a pile of spare parts, I would not recommend buying any vehicle that's advertised as "spares or repair". You will face a lengthy legal fight to get any of your money back if it turns out to be faulty.

In most cases the seller will ask you to sign a contract that will attempt to absolve the dealer of any liability in the event of something going wrong with the car. Don't be fooled. Contrary to what the dealer may say, the car is still covered by the Consumer Rights Act 2015, which means you retain the right to reject the vehicle if it's faulty. The dealer will also have legal responsibilities under the Road Traffic Act, which makes it an offence to sell a car that's unroadworthy or dangerous.

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