How should I sell a private number plate?

I'm considering selling my cherished number plate. What do you think?

Asked on 16 April 2020 by John G ROBINSON

Answered by Dan Powell
There are plenty of online numberplate companies who will give you a valuation, but these will charge you a seller's fee or take a slice of the profits from the sale.

Another option is to sell the car online via auction. eBay is one of the most-popular online auction sites and you will be able to set a reserve price before the sale. Again, you will have to pay a listing fee and give eBay a slice of the fee the plate generates. However, in many cases, the costs are lower than the online numberplate companies.

The final option is to sell it privately. This is the cheapest option and the one that can take the longest to achieve a sale. Owners' clubs are a good place to start if the plate has any particular prominence with a specific make or model of car. Otherwise you can put it in a local ad or Gumtree and see what interest it generates.
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