I have an old classic. How's best to sell it?

I have a 1998 Mercedes SLK with 97,000 miles. It's MOT'd until August but has a dodgy sunroof that we no longer need. Could you advise on how best to sell it? Should I get the roof fixed and tart up the paintwork? The interior is okay but scuffed and marked as you would expect. Is eBay sensible or is there a better option? Any advice would be gratefully received.

Asked on 5 May 2021 by Julian Barnard

Answered by Andrew Brady
It depends on how much hassle you want. If you want a quick sale, we'd recommend sticking on eBay (perhaps as an auction) with an honest description and some detailed pictures. It'll achieve a fair price and hopefully won't be a long process. Alternatively, if you fix the roof and tidy up the paintwork, you could try advertising it on sites like Car and Classic for strong money. Also, look at some of the new classic car auction sites like Collecting Cars and The Market – cars like yours seem to make fairly high values on those. Or you could try a physical auction like Anglia Car Auctions.
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