Dealer won't extend my used car's warranty during lockdown. Is this a common occurrence right now?

I bought a 2012 car in October 2019 from a dealer, which came with a twelve month warranty. Following Government guidelines, we have self-isolated. Consequently I placed it on SORN, effective from 21 March. I contacted the dealer requesting they consider an extension of the warranty to cover the period that the lockdown may be in place and whilst I have the car on the SORN. The reply to my request was, not surprisingly, declined. The warranty would not be extended. Have you heard of other owners in the same situation?

Asked on 14 April 2020 by Norman Holmes

Answered by Dan Powell
Independent car dealers are facing a tough 2020 following the coronavirus lockdown. I'm not surprised to read that few are willing to extend their warranties. From a consumer's point of view, there is little you can do to force a dealer to extend their warranty free of charge. But you might want to consider taking out an independent warranty agreement when the existing one expires:
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