My MoT is due before 30 March, do I need to get it MoT'd or does it qualify for the extension?

My car is due its MoT before the end of March. I booked it into my local dealer for an annual service and its first MoT on 24 March. They contacted me before then to tell me that they were closing down all operations and, therefore, could not accept my vehicle for the MoT. Reading the Governments statement, it seems to imply that only vehicles requiring an MoT from 29 March will be eligible for the extension period. Is my car therefore excluded?

Asked on 27 March 2020 by Wenlock

Answered by Dan Powell
Only cars that are due an MoT on or after 30 March are eligible for the automatic six-month MoT extension. If your vehicle's MoT has already expired or is due before 30 March then you will need to get an MoT as normal or place the vehicle on SORN and store it away from the public road. For more information, see:
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