Do you follow the same storage advice for a hybrid car as you would for a petrol car?

I have read your various articles on storing a car during self-isolation (12 weeks in the case of my wife and me), and I note your recommendation about connecting a trickle charger. Please could you expand a bit on these recommendations as they relate to a hybrid car? My wife has a Toyota Yaris hybrid. Can it be treated exactly the same as a conventional petrol car, or do its electrical functions need any special techniques? I have a battery charger, described by the manufacturer (Ring) as a Standard Charger 12V and 6V. Is this suitable for long-term connection to the car, or should I get something else?

Asked on 26 March 2020 by David Penrose

Answered by Dan Powell
The trickle charger will maintain 12V battery but it will not affect the high voltage hybrid battery pack. It's possible the high voltage pack could go flat over three months of inactivity, but I think in most cases it should be fine given that the winter is almost over. I would recommend that you follow the self-isolation advice and address any potential vehicle problems in 12-weeks. A worst case scenario would be the car needing a reset and recharge by a Toyota hybrid specialist (from the dealer). But this would be a small inconvenience compared to the possible health impacts for yourself and your wife if you break the Government advised 12-week self-isolation.
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