I ordered a new car, which is now delayed indefinitely cause of Coronavirus - can I cancel to get my deposit back?

I ordered a new Skoda in late February and was told a factory order would be three months. Skoda has now told me all factories in the EU will be closed on a temporary basis due to Coronavirus. I now have no idea of a delivery date. I paid a £1000 deposit. Do I have the right to cancel and get my deposit back?

Asked on 23 March 2020 by GRAHAM HORNER

Answered by Andrew Brady
In the first instance, we'd recommend speaking to the dealer. It's unprecedented times but they should do everything they can to help. They might offer a loan car until your car arrives, or find a similar one in stock. If you do want to cancel your order, it's down to the terms and conditions in the contract you signed when you placed the order. It'll probably say the three months was just an estimate and it could take longer - meaning you won't be entitled to a refund. If you remain polite in dealings with the dealer they might return your deposit.
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