Do you know of any portable, fast charging gear connectable to a three-pin socket in a house?

I'm thinking about buying an electric vehicle together with fast re-charging gear to be installed in my garage. From time to time I visit my daughter in London, about 190 miles away, and would need to re-charge the vehicle for the return journey. My daughter lives in a terrace house and, not owning an EV, does not have fast re-charging gear available. Nor at the present time are there any re-charging points on the street. Do you know of any portable fast charging gear connectable to a three-pin house socket which I could take with me when I visit her?

Asked on 19 March 2020 by Richard Akroyd

Answered by Andrew Brady
You can charge a car using a three-pin socket but it takes a long time (adding around eight miles of range per hour depending on the model). You'd be best using public chargers when visiting your daughter.
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