How will electric cars perform if snowed in by the weather?

How do you think electric vehicles will perform when completely stuck in a traffic jam due to snow or ice compared to petrol and diesel vehicles given the difference in the amount of charge left for heating vs other fuel sources? Also, how will those vehicles be recharged or moved? The same might happen in summer traffic jams but we are in the winter months at the moment so more concerned about present conditions.

Asked on 9 February 2021 by Neil Littman

Answered by Andrew Brady
Being stuck in a jam for several hours is a very rare occurrence. In this case, an EV is more efficient than a petrol or diesel car. Think about it – there isn't an engine running unnecessarily wasting energy. OK, turning the heaters or lights on will use some energy, but it'll take a while to run down an EV's battery entirely when it's not moving. You're more likely to run out of petrol or diesel in a combustion-engined vehicle. Electric cars are usually better in cold weather, too – with no gears and instant torque, they'll drive up snowy or icy roads with little fuss, while their skinny eco tyres are also an advantage.
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