My car's glass roof blind was found to be faulty while being checked as part of a trade-in deal. Do I have to pay for it to be fixed if I didn't know?

I returned to the Ford dealership where I bought my S-Max 2.5 years ago to trade-in for a new car. I was served by the same salesman as before. He test drove the car and found no faults, then started to check electric windows, air conditioning and so on. Again, no faults. Then tested panoramic glass roof blind. It was in the closed position as I have never used it. It is now stuck in the open position with some of the blind fabric trapped in one of the runners. The dealer insists it was a fault that they didn't know about, which I agree with but crucially I didn't know either. It's booked for some work to sort the roof blind issue but I do not want to be stuck paying for the whole amount. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Asked on 4 March 2020 by Richard Comrie-Gunn

Answered by Dan Powell
You cannot hold the dealer liable for the faulty panoramic glass roof blind. By your own admission, the blind had never been used and this will have probably caused the runners to become gunged up with dust and dirt over the past 2.5 years. Obviously, you can make it clear with the dealer that this is a deal-breaker (if they are desperate for the sale they may overlook the cost of fixing the blind). But you cannot force them to fix it for free or accept the vehicle's condition as part of the part-exchange.
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