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My car was involved in an accident (not my fault) on 8th Dec 2009, I had a courtesy car until 5th February 2010, and they just collected that evening with no explanation. It took my insurer until 10th Feb to tell me that they wanted to write my car off and offered me an inadequate amount for it. How can they take the courtesy car from me that they told me I would have until I was "back on the road"? I have asked them but they just say" you are not getting a courtesy car". I have referred this to the ombudsman but currently have no car.

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Insurers only provide courtesy cars while the crashed car is in for
repair. Once they offer a settlement, the courtesy car goes. They argue it is not their fault that you are arguing about the settlement figure. Had you been provided with a credit hire car you could have kept it but could have been personally liable for the high cost.
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