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We recently moved home. Our new street looks like a single road, but it is actually two roads joined together, end to end. We are experiencing a massive problem as everyone who comes to visit, collect children, taxis, etc. all go to our house number at the other end of the road - when we do not answer the door - problems arise. I have worked out that it is the satnav that is incorrectly "telling' drivers to go to the other end of the street - announcing " you have reached your destination" at the wrong end of the street. I am wondering if the data input on the satnav info is incorrect - causing the satnav to think it is in the right end of the street when it is not. it appears that the information is exactly opposite- so our end of the street is called the other end of the streets name and vice versa. How can I notify the satnav companies? How many are there? Have you got any ideas to help?

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The satnav mapping is based on ordinance survey mapping, so your first stop should be the Ordinance Survey office. Then Navteq,
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