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I prefer 'map-nav' to sat nav, despite the dulcet tones of my Citigo's Infotainment system.

I took a drive out from Dulwich to Chatham in my new Skoda Citigo (a brilliant little car) using my eyes and road signs to guide the way. On return I used the inbuilt Infotainment System for the first time and was immediately seduced by the SatNav roads snaking me to my return destination and the dulcet command tones of the (male) voice. I had to turn it off because I could not concentrate on the road or my driving. I’m sure these gadgets must work and be a godsend for millions of drivers worldwide but they are not for me. I’ll stick to what I know: consulting a map before setting out and reading/interpreting and reacting to what I see through my windscreen and mirrors.

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You're right. I prefer the Jenny Agutter/Joanna Lumley satnav voice to the earnest 'Womans Hour' voice in my long-term test BMW, but I got caught out on Friday. I'd used the satnav to get me to a hotel and it took me a long way round. I had to make a return journey to the same hotel in another car without satnav. But, on my return, due to roadworks confusion and diversions, I forgot which turning to take off the A23 and wound up orienteering my way back to the hotel without any maps. Yes, satnav is great. But you can't beat map-nav.
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