I travel 250 miles a week - will an EV work for me?

I travel 250 miles a week for work, then weekend driving too. Most of my driving is stop start infuriating M6 traffic, hardly ever breaking the 40mph level. Is it worth me getting say a Tesla Model 3 as diesel in my ix35 is costing me £60 a week.

Asked on 4 February 2020 by thomas meaney

Answered by Andrew Brady
Yes, probably. Can you charge an electric car at home? That makes a huge difference - if you can charge overnight, you'll rarely have to worry about using public chargers. I've recently spent quite a bit of time with the Model 3 and was really impressed. It will be very well suited to stop/start traffic on the M6. Tesla's Supercharger network is very good if you do need a quick charge, too. Do some sums and work out whether the increased purchase price (or lease/finance) will save you money when you take fuel savings into the equation.
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