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Our son and daughter in law live in a very rural area and run 2 Toyota Avensis, about 8 years old. Both cars have and continue to do all that is required except this winter the snow has caused huge delays and diversions to and from work. They are thinking of getting one 4 x 4 and selling one Toyota. The car would have to be 2nd hand, little spare cash here, maybe £2/£3k on top of the p/x. value Your view on best buys and ones to avoid would be helpful.

Asked on 8 May 2010 by C.W., via e-mail

Answered by Honest John
Better to buy one or two sets of spare wheels fitted with winter compound tyres. They are more effective in snow than four-wheel drive. Unless, of course, the four wheel drive is fitted with them. But the best winter tyres for snow are not suitable for summer use, which means an extras set of wheels and tyres for use from November to March. Long-term, the only extra cost is the wheels, of course. If they still need a cheap 4x4, go for an old Pajero 2.8 or a Nissan Terrano II.
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