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Our 17 year old is currently learning to drive. Yesterday we were approaching a mini roundabout with traffic following us. The sight lines meant there was no way of knowing if other vehicles were approaching the roundabout from other directions. Our intention was to turn right, so he positioned the car to the right hand side of our lane as he approached the island and slowed. There being no traffic at the island he proceeded round and off at the correct exit. At no time during the manoeuvre did he indicate his intentions to other road users. I questioned him on this later when it was safe to do so and he said that he has been taught that by merely drifting his car to the right he is giving other road users sufficient indication of his intentions. Is this madness true? His test is in just over a month; I'd hate him to fail for something as basic as this as his driving is otherwise excellent.

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I can't believe that. It is fundamental to tell other drivers what you are doing or are about to do. If there aren't any other drivers (or pedestrians) then it isn’t strictly necessary. But if there are, it is very necessary. After he has passed his test, send him on a Pass Plus course. is the best and is not ridiculously expensive.
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