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I have a ‘G201’ fault on my 2006 SEAT Altea FR. The SEAT Dealer wants £1,300 to fix the problem. Do you know if the VAG contribution is specific to the VW, or is applicable to all VAG cars? Failing contribution from VAG, are you aware if there are any other (cheaper) options available?

Asked on 17 April 2010 by G.D., High Wycombe

Answered by Honest John
All I can tell you is that readers have the most trouble trying to get
anything out of SEAT and Skoda. DEFINITELY complain to about this SAFETY RELATED FAULT due to an intrinsically faulty ABS/ESP module that you are being asked to pay for. I think VAG has convinced VOSA that customers are not being asked to pay. However, a British firm has come up with a more economical fix that eliminates the problem area within the unit.
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