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It’s time to change our car and we finally decided on a Peugeot 308S 1.6 petrol. We are looking for a fairly new low mileage vehicle. Most of the 308s advertised on the Peugeot dealers' website are 1.4 litre petrol (or 1.6 litre diesel), 6 months old with mileages of 10 or similar miles which we found being offered at exactly the same price in various parts of the country. The price quoted is also considerably higher than that given for second-hand cars in the price guide magazines on public sale. It appears that Peugeot is selling new (but preregistered) cars through its dealers at a fixed price which is a lot lower than the manufacturers recommended retail price for a new car. Why? (One dealer we visited said "don't buy a new car.") Is this the normal scheme of things these days and how do I overcome the apparent high prices being asked for what is in effect a second hand car?

Asked on 7 August 2010 by AM, Northwich

Answered by Honest John
Standard practice. The 308 is not a very big seller. So these are 'captive' registrations, possibly short term ex-rental or ex-fleet. The best powertrain is the 1.6 THP 150 with 6-speed box. That's both quick, and capable of 40mpg + without any worries about Diesel Particulate Filter problems. I'd check out who might have some RHD 308s imported via Ireland or Cyprus.
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