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My son aged 23 has just applied for his provisional driving licence and I am paying for some lessons as an Xmas present, as travelling to his new job by public transport is beset with problems. Any advice re insurance would be gratefully rec'd as well as recommendations for a first car having regard to the aforementioned.

Asked on 3 April 2010 by L.P., Guildford

Answered by Honest John
KIA Picantos, Hyundai i10s, Citroen C1s, Peugeot 107s, Toyota Aygos, Suzuki Altos, Nissan Pixos and FIAT Panda 1.1 Ecos are all low insurance and generally cheap to tax and run.
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Cheap to run. Group 1 insurance. 60mpg. handles well. Low list prices. Good Euro NCAP score. 2012 model emits just 99g/km CO2.
Compact and practical. Enjoyable and easy to drive. Narrow size makes it easy to park. Good space for those in the back.
Cheap to own. All models have airc on, five seatbelts and flat folding rear seats. Rides and handles quite well for its size. 99g/km Blue model from early 2011.
Great value small car that is cheap to buy and run. Seven-year warranty on all new models from January 2010. Good rear passenger room. Much improved interior on facelifted cars from 2007.
Cheap to buy new, low CO2 emissions and high economy mean it's cheap to run. Available with an automatic gearbox. Nicer seats than near identical Suzuki Alto.
Cheap to run. Economical and perky 1.0-litre engine. Fun to drive. Decent cabin room. Ideal first car. 2012 model emits 99g/km CO2.
Cute little small hatch clone offering low emissions, low tax, good fuel economy and a proper 4-speed automatic option. Decent to drive.
Low road tax and insurance. Averages a claimed 60mpg. Cheap to run and drives decently. 99g/km CO2 from 2012.


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