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A few years back we attempted to move from Southern to Northern England and bought a BMW 320D for anticipated long trips up and down the motorway. The move never happened and though we really like this car, especially the low cabin noise and comfort, we are looking to replace it. We have a budget of £8k - £10k and will be looking to buy second hand. There are only two of us and most journeys are now between 10-30 miles in length. In theory we should be looking for a greener replacement. However, given that the roads in and around West Berks are truly in such a poor condition (and getting worse), pot holes everywhere (even before the recent snow) and given the number of speed humps one has to negotiate, I never thought I would hear myself saying this, but we are considering a 4x4. A CR-V or RAV-4 being current favourites. Maybe we are just being too reactionary, so before we go down the 4x4 route, is there anything else worth considering that can provide a comfortable ride around these poorly maintained/deliberately maimed roads?

Asked on 27 March 2010 by D.C., Burghfield Common

Answered by Honest John
If you take the SUV route, go for the smallest wheels with the deepest
profile tyres. You want to see profiles of at least 60 or preferably 65 or 70 on the sidewalls. That said, any car with tyres of this profile will ride potholes and speed cushions better than one on low profile tyres.
Even the Nissan Cube on 65 profile 16s is very good. Suzuki SX4s and FIAT Sedicis are excellent.
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