Xen and the art of motorcycle concealment

I am amazed that I read so little in your column about Xenon or bright white headlights. Anyone who drives at night will be well aware how dangerous and irritating they have become. I am not just talking about the badly adjusted ones, of which there are many. Even the normal ones are blinding in your mirrors as they approach from behind. Dipping the rear view mirror is no solution as one's vision is then dangerously restricted. These people are content to make the ordinary driver's life miserable for the sake of their own improved vision. How on earth did the authorities allow these things? Have they considered the situation where every vehicle on the road might have them?

Asked on 27 March 2010 by N.C, via e-mail

Answered by Honest John
Don't worry, I am supporting www.blindedbixenon.co.uk. New cars fitted with xenon lights are required to have automatic self-adjustment to keep them level. Unfortunately, these self-adjustors either react too slowly so, on an undulating road, the lights can be pointing at the ground in front of the car or at the sky, or they simply fail. Additionally, Xenons set to dip left pose a serious hazard to drivers being overtaken on the motorway because they shine directly into the driver's door mirror.
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