Blinded by the lights

I am campaigning to get bi-xenon lights set to a lower angle as not to dazzle other drivers. I have been on TV, radio and various papers and magazines and have a petition at number 10. Support has come from many sources but my latest article is in Association of Driving Instructors News December 2009 issue page 20 to 24 ‘A Light's Not Just For Christmas.’ Obviously getting support from Driving Instructors will give me an extra boost when I next visit my MP's surgery. My MP understands and is ready to back me up as my petition votes push towards the 500 mark.

Asked on 6 March 2010 by K.P., via e-mail

Answered by Honest John
I hadn't heard of you, but that's a brilliant idea (if you’ll forgive the use of the word). I'm fully in favour of three 'angles' of attack. One is against retro-fitting of Xenons to cars that don't have automatic load compensation motors. Two is maintenance of load compensation motors. They either react too slowly, or break. Three is left dipping. Nothing is more likely to blind you on a motorway when you are in the correct lane than the dipped Xenons of a Porsche frying your eyeballs via the driver's door mirror as it comes up behind to overtake. So your website: will be getting more publicity from me.
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