Will my car insurance increase after a non-fault accident?

Yesterday, I was met with a multicar incident where I was hit from behind. We have exchanged details and the other driver has called their insurer to gather my details to assess the situation. I have called my insurance company to brief on the same and my insurer has assured that my no claims bonus will not be impacted. While the car is sitting in the garage for further review I am due a renewal soon.

I am here looking for two answers:
1. Will my premium rise?
2. While this is being analyzed should I go ahead and renew my insurance too? Hope I will not be shocked

Asked on 4 December 2019 by Jay Ganji

Answered by Tim Kelly
1, Yes it will increase 2,Do your due diligence , declare you have been involved in a "non fault" incident, and obtain the most competitive quote that fits your demands and needs.
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