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How far should a Renault Zoe travel on a full charge?

I've just bought a 2014 Zoe 22kWh with 35,000 miles on the clock. The range is 55 miles at 100 per cent charge - is my local Renault dealer having a laugh when he says that's reasonable?

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A 22kWh battery has a limited range anyway. NEDC 70 miles to a max 130miles; realistically 70-80 miles and in the winter that would be significantly reduced. Additionally, the capacity of your 22kWh batteries will have reduced over five years and 35,000 miles.
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Sensibly priced compact four-seater electric car. Cute and funky styling. Punchy and smooth to drive around town. Range increased to 180 miles from 2017. Zoe from 2020 has range up to 241/247 miles.

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