Why is my electric car not showing the range claimed in the handbook?

As recommended, I charge my electric car to 80% of capacity to save the battery. The chart on the car's panel shows a maximum charge to give a distance of 177 miles, so I charge to about 140 miles. However the handbook shows a maximum charge of 206 miles, giving a distance of about 165 miles at 80% charge. Which should I follow?

Asked on 18 March 2024 by David Gee

Answered by David Ross
It is recommend to charge most electric cars to 80% in order to preserve the condition of the battery, so this is the most sensible approach whenever possible. In terms of the available range, the manufacturer-provided figures are intended as a guide, and do not necessarily represent the real-world figures which can vary from vehicle to vehicle as well as being affected by factors such as battery age and condition, ambient temperature and vehicle settings. We would always recommend you follow the live information provided by your vehicle as this is the most accurate information available to you, and will also change as the vehicle is driven due to driving style, external temperature and vehicle load.
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