Why does my insurance insist I have a tracking device fitted?

I've just switched to a new insurer and in the small print it states: "We will NOT pay a claim if your car is stolen and any tracking device, which we insist is fitted, has not been set or is not in full working order". I assume this actually means IF we have insisted on a tracking device, rather than that I'm not covered unless I have one fitted. I'd be grateful for advice.

Asked on 12 November 2019 by John Pattin

Answered by Tim Kelly
It means that if as part of having a policy with them, a primary part of the contract is that a Tracker is fitted and you do not have one fitted or the one fitted is not set or working, you are not covered. If it has not made clear at the inception of the policy that it was a "pre-requisite" of the policy, it does not apply to you.
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