The engine management light has come on in my year old car - is the dealership under any obligation to sort this out?

I bought my Volkswagen Tiguan from a local VW dealer just over 12 months ago for £14,000. It has only done 26,500 miles. The engine management light has come on but there is no problem with slowing down or noises. Is the dealership under any obligation to sort this out for me?

Asked on 23 October 2019 by Nusrat Hussain

Answered by Dan Powell
Unless the car is under warranty, you will struggle to hold the dealer liable for any faults that have developed after 12 months of ownership. However, if the car has been serviced and maintained by the supplying dealer then it may be worth asking them to investigate the fault, as they may be willing to contribute towards the cost of repair. If you do not have the problem fixed then it may cause the car to fail the MoT, with the engine warning light being a failure item on all modern cars.
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