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MY five year old MINI Cooper just failed the MoT, needing a total rear brake replacement - is this a common fault?

My MINI Cooper kist failed its MoT because it needs a total rear brake replacement. I was told it had warped rear callipers, worn rear disks, pads and sensors - which were required at 29,000 miles. The car is five years old and I don't abuse the handbrake. The main dealer wants £1200 for the repair, inc VAT. My MINI Cooper is under extended warranty but these things aren't covered. Is this a common fault? Do I have to have it repaired where the test was done?

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Warped brakes are traditionally caused by the driver holding the brakes for long periods when descending a hill. This causes part of the brake disc to be clamped by the pads and cool more slowly than the rest of the disc. This can also happen when braking heavily from speed on the motorway. I'd recommend having the car inspected by an independent specialist, as the repair costs will be lower than that of the main dealer: good-garage-guide.honestjohn.co.uk
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