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Is it too early to switch to an EV?

I am in the market for a new car in the next six months. The one thing stopping me from progressing a purchase is the uncertainty of the death knell of ICE cars and being unsure of what technology to go for. What is your view on the viability of early adoption of what I see as untested tech and charging infrastructure and what is the prognosis on the depreciation of hybrid and pure electric cars?

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I think it depends on your requirements. If you can charge a car at home and rarely cover long journeys, now could be a great time to buy an electric car. The charging infrastructure is improving so long journeys are doable, but you still have to be fairly keen if you're planning on covering longer drives regularly. A hybrid could be a good stepping stone if you're not convinced a full EV is right for you, but don't dismiss conventional petrol or diesel models. They'll be around for a while yet.
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