I am considering spending a fair bit more than I usually would on a nearly new car with the intention of keeping it for maybe 7 - 10 years. What concerns me is the possibility that within that time scale new technology may become widespread and affordable making my car virtually worthless and possibly the running costs on 'old technology' fuel making it beyond my means to continue running the car myself. Are my concerns groundless? And in what timescale would you expect this scenario to be a reality?

Asked on 2 January 2010 by W.K., via e-mail

Answered by Honest John
Obviously the price of fossil and biofuels will rise considerably so you would be nuts to buy any car that uses a lot of fuel. Buying a diesel car with unreliable emission control devices, then using it only for short distances is asking for trouble as thousands of drivers are finding out to their considerable cost. But I think you would be fairly safe with the latest model of Toyota Prius.
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