Is my car incompatible with bio diesel?

Since purchasing my Hyundai i30 I have kept its full service history. The car was serviced in October 2013. The car showed no issues - although a fuel filter wasn't changed during this time.

Further to this the car was MOT in January 2014. It was noted there was a slight delay in power uptake when accelerating up gears, by my local mechanic. I booked the car in thinking it was a spark plug etc. The local mechanic found nothing wrong.

A week later I was accelerating past a car reaching 60mph where the car lost all power and ground to a halt. No engine lights appeared. The car restarted and after A LOT of reassurance (nearly swiped out by a lorry) from my father, I drove the car home on the dual carriageway at 40mph.

I immediately checked the car back into my local mechanic, who ran diagnostic checks and ran the vehicle out locally. No indication of engine failure AT ALL.

I drove it away and the engine failed 5 times on the way home. Each time restarting no problem. The vehicle showed the manufactures lights permanently. I then rang a Hyundai garage.

They booked the vehicle in two weeks after I phoned. Refusing to collect the motor or provide a courtesy car.
The fault: THE CAR WAS INCOMPATIBLE WITH THE NEW CHANGES IN BIO- DIESEL. (Which occurred in November). 2 options:
1. A new filter would need to be fitted costing £118
2. Entire engine clear out for £350- Hyundai would subsidize £70 = £280

Both with no guarantee it would solve the problem.

I assured the problem was happening nationwide and was extremely common. The warranty would not cover the cost of the fuel, and that it was a result of new bio changes in Diesel.

I have only ever used Shell since I have bought the car (as claim VAT on shell only fuel). I wrote to Shell who advised me that Hyundai Manufactures were responsible for car compatibility and that there fuel was in line with EU guidelines.

Asked on 18 February 2014 by mitch29

Answered by Honest John
What is happening is that the moisture element of the biofuel is emulsifying in low temperatures and forming globules that are blocking the fuel filter. There is nothing wrong with the car. The problem is with the fuel. These cars are built in Nosovice, Czech Republic. I have driven them on the Nosovice test track in snow at minus 15 degrees. Switch to decent diesel. The best is Shell V-Power Nitro Plus that might also give you an 8-10% improvement in economy that more than pays for its extra cost.
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