Cambelt and waterpump

I own an 03 plate Skoda Octavia vRS and have, to date, been very pleased with it. However, six weeks ago at 74,000 miles, I had a cambelt change costing around £300. I had this done at the main dealership in Lincoln who I have fully entrusted with my car for servicing. Yesterday, on a short journey, my dashboard lit up amidst a sound of twisting metal and upon a visit from the AA was informed we had a broken cambelt and subsequently a seriously damaged engine. I was towed to our local (closed) Skoda dealership and left my car there. They informed me that the water pump had seized and caused a rupture of the cambelt, resulting in massive damage to the engine. They have refused to accept any ounce of liability and claimed that upon replacement of the cambelt, the water pump (which they did not replace or mention at all at the time) was in full working order. They have told me that the engine will cost between £3000 - £5000 to replace. I am so upset that having invested all my trust in them to offer good advice and having always accepted every recommendation thay have ever made, that they have let me down so catastrophically.

Asked on 5 January 2011 by Theofish

Answered by Honest John
They should have advised you to replace the water pump, tensioner and all pulleys on a 7 year engine. You may have a case for negligence. Email
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